Undergraduate Courses






Marine Ecology, Bio 410

3 credits, typically offered in Fall semester.


This course covers the physical structure, the organisms, and the processes of the oceans, from intertidal to deep sea habitats. To understand the environments faced by marine biological diversity, the course will survey the chemical and physical properties of oceans and their habitats. We will survey the structure, adaptations, and life styles of organisms found over the range of habitats in the sea. The course will examine major marine habitats. We will focus on marine ecology to learn about the processes affecting marine communities, and the dynamics of communities. Special topics incorporated into the course will include current issues in marine environmental management and conservation.

Resources for marine ecology:

Be the Change: Volunteer, Career, and Degree Paths to Save the Oceans – https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/be-the-change/save-the-oceans/







Principles of Organic Evolution, Bio 405

3 credits, typically offered in Spring semester.

The focus of this course is evolutionary processes that influence adaptation, population differentiation, and speciation in organisms. During this course we will be covering five general areas of evolutionary biology, starting with an introductory session and ending with lectures on the evolutionary history of life. Throughout the semester I will be giving examples of how evolutionary thinking can be applied to practical issues to society (e.g., medicine, agriculture).