Past Members: Where are they now?

Jon Finger- MS 2017

Jon is currently following his passion as a teacher in high schools.

Madison Armstrong, BS and Honors student 2019

After finishing her Honor’s thesis (Pass with Distinction), Madison entered a PhD program at the University of California, Davis.

CJ (Christina Jenkins) – PhD 2017

After a postdoctoral research position in Europe, CJ moved on to private industry.

Jen Madrid-Thorson, PhD 2017

Jen is primarily interested in epigenetics and its role in adaptive phenotypic variation between habitats. She is now a postdoctoral student in the Skinner lab at WSU!

Devin Drown- PhD 2011

He studied the evolution of migration under the influence of coevolution, patterns of host-parasite population structure and phylogeography in trematodes and snails.  Kevin is currently a professor at University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Erica Kistner- MS 2009

She received a PhD at University of Notre Dame, had a postdoc at UC Riverside, and now is with the USDA/ARS as a climate change and invasive species specialist.

Brandon Dalton- MS 2006

After leaving WSU, Brandon explored grazing ecology and currently is grazing manager on a huge sheep ranch near Darfield, New Zealand.

Alison Emblidge Fromme- MS 2004

Current Position: Freelance writer

Leslie Riley- MS 2003, and PhD 2006

Current position:  Associate Professor, Northern Ohio University